Good Veggie Recipe

20 May

So, looking for a new way to eat veggies? Look no more! Quick and easy! First, choose your veggies. Cut and place on baking sheet. Second, set oven to broil and hi. Third, drizzle olive oil all over. Then salt and pepper, paprika, and garlic powder. Cook until browned. Serve & eat!

Bike Butt

19 May

Sunday was a beautiful day for a ride. My friend James and I went on a 3:50 minute bike ride. VERY slowly, but we did it. The goal was to be in the saddle for 4 hours. I would say we were pretty darn close. One major lesson learned: DO NOT wear normal workout pants when riding that long, and INVEST in good shorts with a good shammy. LOL None the less, a great time with a good friend. I am very appreciative and grateful for James. He lives in north county OC, and was the very first person to talk to me about IM, teach me about clipping in, and supporting me with my trials in training. JAMES- If you are reading this, THANK YOU! You are so calm about all my stresses and questions. You are a great friend (who else gets up to meet me at 6am in rancho from Yorba Linda) and a great athlete! XOXOXO PS.. Look at that smile on James in the pic! and the beautiful ride!

Family First

18 May

So, I say it all the time: Family First! I did just that. I told my coach I can’t do anything crazy as I had a day of celebrations. My god daughter was getting her first communion, and my little brother-in-law was graduating college. Plus it was our 5 year wedding anniversary this weekend. So… Saturday I did a quick little jog with some core work. My point to this entry is: family does come first, but you don’t have to completely give up your workout for the day. Getting in 30 minutes is better than nothing. And if you are like me.. your workout is your de-stress time.. then do it. Just don’t worry about how intense or how long. 30 minutes of anything… even stretching, is good for you and your soul!

Quick SD Trip!

13 May

This past weekend my husband, dog, and I went camping with his immediate family in North County San Diego. We ended up having gorgeous weather and a great campsite. If you are not a camper, or have never gone. I really think you should. Camping is peaceful. You get to step away from the ‘real world’. Experience different sounds, environment, etc. I am lucky too that my coach believes in a well balanced life. I tell him when I am gone, or can’t fit something in, or when I would actually rather do a small workout and focus on family time. I think that is REALLY important. So, I was lucky enough to have a small run planned and I was able to meet my girlfriend Erin along the way. She had a long run planned… so she ran to me.. we ran 6 together… and she ran back. it was great! I am learning how to really manage my time with training. Sometimes I have to just do it. And suck it up. And train. And sometimes I have to let go and understand other things come first. I know a lot of my posts talk about this, but its REALLY important. To me and to a healthy well being. Whether its IM or a 10K. I think this is teaching me life lessons left and right. So cray! XOXO

Social Media Lies Sometimes

12 May

I recently ready this article and watched the ESPN clip: It made me so so sad. This poor college freshman felt that she had no way out of her stress and depression, but to kill herself. She was a track star at Penn State who had a ton of friends that were not athletes. In short, on top of the stress of school, and life, she thought that her friends were “living the college life”. Via social media like Insta and FB, they were perceived as partying, recreationally working out, traveling, goofing off, etc. I think this is a true issue for all ages. Kids to adults. Why are you posting and writing about this you ask…. simple. I judge and I know you do it too. I post a lot, well most, on Instagram, about my workouts. How early I got up, how beautiful the beach run was, and so on. All of it is true, and fun, and great that I do that. But its not my whole life. I balance a full time job, a husband, a puppy, and crazy family, and friends when I can. I think it is important that we show, when we can, our life balance. I have sat and listened to conversations about people judging moms on FB and how all they do is stay home, or get to go to Disneyland… but do we REALLY know their life? I think we get these misconceptions of people and we need to just chill. So, I am making it a point, on social media, and this blog… to share everything. Which I think I do.. but it will be the good, bad, and ugly. I want people to know I am normal, kinda… and have major life balancing to accomplish. Life is demanding.. it’s important we have moderation in everything.

A Morning with Coach Max

11 May

I had a morning with my coach. It’s always nerve racking, but fun when I get to see Max. I get nervous because I don’t want him to know how bad I suck, or how far behind I am, less intense as some.. I dunno… but I fear the judging. Max doesn’t really do that. It’s all in my head, but I think that is a natural feeling. He does have this calming effect too. He makes you feel like everything will be ok. I know it will. But sometimes you need someone else telling you that. Anyways… we did a heart rate test and threshhold test. Basically I worked hard on a trainer for a while, and some how he came up with this estimated time for finishing the bike portion of IronMan. So, 6 hours if I keep up what I have now. So, I am hoping that I can maintain, or do better than that! If I have any fun wisdom.. it is this: I definitely recommend getting a coach at least one time in your life. It really takes the pressure off you, and you get to focus week to week, while the stress about the end goal. I am finally starting to do that, and it has made me feel SO much better about training!

All I Want

07 May

All I ever want is to workout and then relax. After my race, I did just that. I am really bummed that the weekdays are about 90 degrees, and come the weekend, its cooler. This past weekend was nice, but now we have crap weather coming up. I feel like I deserve to have sunshine in my life EVERY weekend! Well, I chose this pic cuz it is full representation of my day by the pool after the OC Half. I want to lay and nap, and the dog takes half my chair! LOL

OC Half Marathon PR

05 May

The OC Half was this past weekend. I was running on behalf of Girls on the Run Orange County and I was excited to be doing it. My coach and I decided that this weekend, race particular, would be a training weekend. Not your typical taper and rest before the run. And no rest after. I was to run and go to spin class right after. So… I did just that. I trained up until race day. I got up at 4am, got ready, and was out the door by 4:30am. Nothing unusual for race day. I listened to my music, got pumped, and said to myself, “here we go… just you and the asphalt today”. I wasn’t running with anyone. Solo. I wanted to run a 1:50. My best time is a 1:54. I ended up running a 1:48. A few things kept me going: 1. I didn’t want to disappoint my coach. I feel like (even though its base training) I am such a wimp. I needed to prove to myself, and him, I could do it. The course had a few more hills than I ever imagined, so I am happy. 2. I was surprised by 2 friends. One from San Diego. I was SCREAMING like a little kid. I couldn’t believe. I was sooo happy. Form then on… I couldn’t slow down. I kept going. 3. I met a friend on the course. He was very happy and positive. I needed him. He pulled me thru to mile 10, then I carried us to the finish. We needed each other. He PR’s as well. I am blessed to have the friends I have in my life. I am stoked that this time, for me, was fast. I am very happy. Put your mind to it, do some speed work, and all will work out! I think spin made my legs more tired.. but I am good. Tired, but good. Nothing a margarita won’t fix on this Cinco de Mayo!