Paris Marathon 2015

15 Apr

Sunday, April 12, was the Paris marathon. The race of a lifetime. Bucket list for years. I still can’t believe I ran it. My friend Becca and I always joked when we raced, “never another marathon unless it’s Paris” we would say after every one. Finally… my 5th marathon is Paris. It was awesome. By far the biggest race I had ever run. I think the biggest race both of us had run. Crazy stuff. Anyways… I proved a point to myself even more so this race… and that is that everything is mental. This was THE MOST UNPREPARED I had ever been for a race. I had barely trained, barely ran, ate poorly, bad nutrition some days, but felt good and had fun. And It always turns out.. for the most part, that the more I stress, the worse I do usually. So, I plan to work hard here on out, but I truly need to not stress and find the fun. My coach always tells me he is in charge of stressing. I just have to take it week to week. So, as I sit on this flight and return home… I hope to stress less and enjoy this Iron Man ride.