Boost of Confidence

30 Apr

Today was pretty awesome. Well… so far at least. Even though I was up later than usual, I made it to the pool. New cap, kick board… I was good. 2 others were there. A man right in the lane to my left. We started the same time. Anyways… It is always SO awkward when you rest at the same time… so I jokingly said, “Wanna race?” He laughed and we started chatting. He told me I was too good for him. I laughed even harder. He asked if I was on a swim team or in training. I said no swim team. I explained how I HATED swimming, and have to convince myself every time to get in the pool. But he continued to tell me he was a sprint triathlete, and he thought I was a very natural swimmer with good form. Now… I KNOW that is not totally true, but when a complete stranger tells you that… someone who has swam before… I mean.. that gave me a large smile and the courage to swim a little more than usual today!

So Happy!

28 Apr

On Sunday, my friend Erin and I were texting after/during our workouts to tell each other how we felt. Saturday we had an awesome workout day with an interval runin the morning and a spin class shortly after. Our legs were tired. So Sunday she had to run 9 and I road and ran. Its funny, we text each other and she wrote back I look happy…. and well… I was! I have not road solo in a while. I haven’t actually road in a while period. I forgot how nice it is sometimes to just be out. No music, sounds of other bikers, runners, the beach, cars, etc. It gives you time to think, have the fresh air in your face. I think working out with others or a group is FANTASTIC, but sometimes you have to be alone. So.. I encourage you to do a workout, outside, alone, with no music. Just soak up life. How lucky we are to workout. Have limbs that move. No life changing advice here, but something I forgot and wanted to remind you all about! XOXO

Fruit Smoothie Recipe

25 Apr

Ok- I made the best fruit smoothie the other day. I used the following fresh fruits: rasberries, half banana, strawberries, orange juice. I used the following frozen: blueberries. I added water and some ice and WHALA! So good & so refreshing! I recommend you try it with these hot summer days around the corner!

Hello Again Mr. Pool…

24 Apr

It has been a VERY long time since I have been in the pool. Some of that is due to the marathon and half marathon I have been training for. Sometimes I just missed the pool workout. But I am back. I dreaded getting to the pool this morning, but I must say… I really enjoyed it. I only got in 45 minutes because I was SOOOOO tired from not doing it in a while, but I feel great. I truly do miss swimming. I will curse myself later when I really have to swim for workouts, but for the time being, I am going to enjoy it. I do need a new swimsuit. I think I will go buy one this weekend!

Clean Cooking Class

22 Apr

I am very lucky that I was invited to a clean eating class. I am always looking for new ideas, meals, and prep for food. This was done by the CleanPlateChef and it was GREAT! This particular class was on meals for boosting metabolism, which anyone needs! I tried things that I never knew would taste good together, or alone. I am so thankful to be a part of this demo and more so happy that I have some new foods to get me fueled for my grueling days!

Promise to Blog More

20 Apr

So, my husband’s friend Jared, well my friend too, told me I needed to blog more. I love that he encourages me to write. And little did I know, that when I write, it’s actually very therapeutic for me. So even though only 1-2 people read this, it’s ok. I am writing this for me, and if you all happen to read it, I hope you get something out of it. Whether it be inspiration, motivation, realization, hope, or just pure laughter in this blog, then I am content!

France 2015

19 Apr

The past 10 days I have been in France. Josh and I flew to the coast to visit our friends who live in Biarrittz, and then a week later we went to Paris, where we explored, ate, and ran the Paris marathon. It was so great being with a friend again and having a workout buddy. I think we take for granted how nice it is to have friends that are like-minded. Often I train alone, and it is soooo hard to stay motivated when your alarm goes off before 5am. I had a nice little break having Becca to run with (in France which was amazing), we did a Body Pump class (taught in French… that was fun), and the best was the aqua aerobics class…. HILARIOUS. I promise you it was just comical… and of course… All in French… so I laughed the whole time. All in all, I am so thankful for friends to workout with. If you have a workout buddy, even just once a week, Thank them. Enjoy it, laugh, and don’t flake if you can help it. Its better for you both. Research actually says that! So ya. Do it!

Training Clients

17 Apr

My clients keep me happy. They keep me going. The whole reason I got in to training, was to prove and show, and teach that you can A. Physically do things that you never thought you could, and B. Not be horrified by working out. At least I hope I do that. LOL! We have so much fun and it really helps bring the pressure off me when I think of my grueling workouts. You can tell by this photo we work hard and play hard. And for the record.. funniest part about this photo… it it was St. Patty’s Day. Why we had pink on (without planning) is beside me! HAHAHAHA