Holy So Sick!

25 Feb

Sometimes I get really nervous that my coach thinks I try and take the easy way out. I say this because Last Thursday I just didn’t have time to workout. I trained a client in the morning, worked a 10 hour day, came home to cook and see family, before I knew it… 8:30pm. Friday I got the fly. Like vomit all night, super violent, think you are gonna die kind of sick. Sunday… barely alive resting. Of course… still have yet to workout. Monday I flew out for work (no choice), and now, Tuesday night, I am fighting a cold. I was able to get in a 35 min treadmill workout, but it wasn’t anything to rave home about. I feel so guilty not getting in my training. Not for IM right now, but the marathon. My BFF in France is all over her training and I can’t even get in a run at the moment. I am so nervous that I am going to come back … well.. not at all… I know that seems dramatic, but its how I feel right now. You workout to get to a particular point, and then days go by, and you lose it all. Or most… so it seems. I have an 80 mile ride Saturday, but now it’s supposed to rain. Ugh.. I am just so sick, and tired, and weak, and frustrated right now. As soon as I am better, I need to hit the ground running. Hard. Train hard. Rest. Recover fast. Eat well. No joking around. Sometimes I feel like I need to lesson how much I train (clients) during the week. Its so hard to balance it all. I do, but then I lose the quality in my own rest/training. Anyone got advice??

My First Real “I need a break”..

22 Feb

It’s not pretty. I am not going to lie. Leading up to President’s Day weekend was REALLY tough. I felt burnt out. I was tired, I was sore, I was over it. And it’s only February. NEWS FLASH JADE-THE RACE IS NOV! I was just not wanting to do this. I told my coach I needed a break. His response was “breaks are good, but how fast can you recover?” I had to explain that I wasn’t needing a break to recover physically, but mentally. So that week I took it upon myself to not do one of my workouts (maybe 2) and then took most of the weekend off. I went out to Arizona Saturday at 4am with my hubby and our pup and set forth for a mini vacation. Damn! I needed it. We hiked, shopped, cooked, walked, shopped some more. It was great. I feel re-charged and re-freshed to get back at it. My coach keeps reminding me that I need to focus week to week, and he needs to be focused on the end. I am too emotionally charged for this. I am. I get it. My husband is great at understanding this is whats happening now, but also thinks I need to have some more fun. However, for me, fun is racing. Josh HATES that I like to race. Hates that I will pay to run a distance I can run on my own. Ugh.. fellow runners.. we run for the group, the medal, the scenery, right? Anyways.. thats a completely separate battle in this house. None the less, my coach is VERY normal. We are hard core, but not really. He gets that there needs to be a balance in life. I like that. He reads and responds to all of my e-mails. Basically we are like family-isn now. I have to tell him how I feel, what I did during the day, etc. I tell him everything to my periods and how they may have affected my workouts, to my diet, my mental breakdowns, and even sometimes how my marriage is crap because of all my training. This is a lot more than I imagined. It sounded so cool signing up. And it is. I meditate and visualize about 3 days a week on this IM finish.. I am learning where to balance. When to say no. How to push. And more. I am starting to travel for work, and I will have to fit in workouts away. Not always easy. But I am doing it. And Max is there for me. Max is my coach by the way. If you need one he is great. I will pass him along. I went in to my 70.3 race with ZERO nerves. I have run how many races? I still get a little antsy, but he prepared me SO well.. that I just did it. It was weird. LOL None the less.. I am human. Some days I have to know when to push and others to not. Just gotta remember that!

My first group ride!

20 Feb

So I have been trying to get in long rides because of this big 80 mile ride I am doing in 1 week. This was my first “group ride” though not that big. LOL I had a BLAST riding with the folks of California Triathlon. They showed great support, I made new friends, lots of fun. If you want a FREE group to get involved with. I suggest them! We rode from Yorba Linda regional park all the way to HB beach and back. YIPPEE! Looking forward to seeing if I can complete this 80 mile ride!

Strong IS Beautiful

19 Feb

I was really lucky to start some base training with the Mermaid half marathon in San Diego 2 weeks ago. My friend Erin, who I mention a lot in this blog, let me invite myself to run with her. We were able to get in two long runs together and have an AMAZINGLY beautiful race day. This was my base training for my full marathon in Paris in April. I think we should all run a race for fun. We ran well and we ran hard, but no major goals. I felt very stress free. I often get caught up in setting PR’s and forget how fun it can be to run for fun. Thats why we do this isn’t it? LOL