I love my family

26 Jan
This is a quick little throw back to November 2013. I did my second triathlon ever, Soma 70.3, and my family hung out 6 hours to see me finish. Looking forward to this same feeling, but even better! It will be harder, and a lot more time consuming, but this image will keep me going. XOXO

Running with friends is Awesome!

26 Jan

Today I was really fortunate to get to run with my friend Erin. One of my main supporters… one of the ones I get the little surprise goodies from. It was GREAT to be able to chat for 9 miles about life, love, running, friends, how crazy we are, and more! After our 9 mile run, we went to grab coffee… sat outside, took in the fresh air and just chatted. I am so in awe of how awesome my girlfriend is. Always up for new things, challenging herself, being a better person, and all smiling and having fun while doing it. I love it. Makes me want to be that person. Today I also realized that I don’t always need a physical push, but a mental one too. I love that I have surrounded myself with likeminded friends. We talked about running, goals, dreams, aspirations, who supports us, how we manage,  how much we eat, pooping, socks, and more. It felt great to sit and have a real conversation with real friends. I challenge you to drop the phones, and grab coffee and just talk. Whether its your spouse, friend, co-worker, but that mental stimulation is exciting!  Thank you Erin for a great run. I am so lucky to have you as a friend!!


22 Jan
I am telling you now. This will be the song playing in the picture/video montage I am planning to make after this journey. From the start of training, to racing with friends, going to Paris to run, and more… this sums up how we should live. Enjoy the tune and the lyrics! I really love this song!!

Acceptance & Goldfish Yummies

22 Jan

Lets start with this story. NO JOKE, I get the mail, and there is a package in the package pick up for me. And its got Goldfish all over it, like you see in the pics. Well, I TRULY thought I was in one of those commercials like the Swiffer ones with the old people. I was waiting for cameras to pop up from the bushes.  I LOVE GOLDFISH and here is this box addressed to me. So I opened it up, and what a surprise! I mean my freaking friends are the best. I just smiled. I am so happy. And it just was the best thing for me on this hump day. The pictures say it all. I mean, I am the lucky one who is fortunate enough to have these friends and role models. I look up to them both and feel the love from across the world and out of town. Love you guys!!! XOXO
Now prior to this Goldfish goodness, I was already planning what I was going to write about today on the ride home from work. My new gig offers yoga at lunch on Mondays and Wednesday. The focus this week for each day was Acceptance and Giving. And let me tell you this yoga teacher is great. I really truly felt like I had a grasp on things finally after Monday’s practice. As you can tell after last post, I was a little bitter. But I do feel better. I feel like I opened up and accepted that this is my new routine, my life for the next 9 months, and there is nothing I can do but accept and enjoy the ride. 

Along the way, sometimes I will have to give. Give thanks, give in, give back. I hope this blog is part of my way as giving back. To let everyone know that I am normal. Your average joe with a big dream. I hope I give thanks daily. Thanks for my family and friends for support. Thanks for my health and body strength. Thanks for food and friendships. Also, I may give in. Throw the flag. And with that, I am accepting that…. maybe tomorrow is not gonna be the best day to get a workout in. Or maybe my body needs rest and I must surrender to a glass of wine and bed. All this realization has made me very calm this week. Very content with things this week. If you haven’t done yoga, I really recommend it. I cried today. Its been a while since I have cried. Not for anything, but yoga does that. You really leave it on the mat. Let go of the day, and be in the moment. I challenge anyone who is actually reading this to take a yoga class at least 1-2 times a week. Anyways, I am off to bed! Happy hump day!

The Real World

19 Jan

When I signed up for IronMan, I was working for myself, freelancing, doing my thing on my time. My husband Josh and I agreed that my long training days would be on Fridays. This was to ensure that we still had “family” time on the weekends. Well, I got offered a job on Christmas Eve and I took it. I started two weeks ago. HOLY $h**! Things are crazy. I had a melt down already and I am not even NEAR my big race. I get up at 4:30am or 4:45 (usually), I get my workout in, I shower and eat SUPER FAST, then head to work. I then sit in traffic and come home, and some nights I teach a bootcamp or spin class. I feel like I have zero time and I go to bed at 8pm almost every night. I have no time for laundry, shopping, family. Its so hard. I feel like the house isn’t so clean anymore. I don’t even get the mail every day just because its a hassle and low priority. The end of week 2 was a little bit better. Thankfully Josh understands… for the most part.. but I don’t know how normal people do this training. It is seriously out of control. I need to just train full time. Luckily it hasn’t beaten me up too bad… but I just mean… man.. I had a rough 2 weeks. Looking for some motivation and inspiration in the weeks to come. I know I will figure this out. And it all works out. Just praying for that to happen sooner than later.  Going to bed.. LOL GOOD NIGHT!

Happy 2015… the year of ‘GO BIG OR GO HOME’!

02 Jan

Today is January 1st. Happy New Year! Today is day one of prepping my body for IM. A little strength and conditioning today did the body good!

 I met with my coach this past week. So exciting. He is basically awesome. I completely trust him and my training plans this year. We decided to make min goals and sport specific goals so I don’t get burned out. I like it. So, first up… a half marathon in February with my friend Erin. It will be slow, but good training for me to focus on, since I have the Paris marathon in April…. but in between.. getting in a small hilly ride of 60 miles in March. Biking and running are my two focus points right now, and swimming will be my rest day or cross training day. I will then make swimming my focal point, and biking and running cross training days, then in late July/Sept I will go 110% in to Ironman training. Excited for the journey. My coach suggested new tires for my bike and a new chain…. I said, “GOLD CHAIN!” of course I would… can’t wait to get that sucker. I hope when I go to Paris I can send my bike in to get painted and the hopefully have a sweet all white sparkly bike with a gold chain, and a custom tri outfit! YAY!  Anyways.. Hope all of you have a great 2015 and set some new goals. I definitely suggest you TRI something new! I got a client to sign up for a sprint tri in oct. I am so excited to see her tackle this!  Enough jibber jabber…  XOXO