I am an Esprit De She Ambassador.. YAY!

27 Dec

This comes as very exciting news… and just the motivation I needed to get thru this holiday slump. I have been so down, not consistent, and needing motivation to get in the workouts I need to prep my body for Ironman. This race embodies the spirit of a strong and confident woman. It supports Girls on the Run and their mission, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of this women’s only race series! I want to prove that I am what they need and want to support this racing event, and those women involved. I can’t wait! I hope some of you will sign up with me! I am FOR SURE doing the oceanside race on Oct. 18. I did this last year. It was so fun… and that was just flying SOLO! Use this link: http://bit.ly/SANDIEGOTRI to go sign up if you want, and enter this code at checkout in the promo code area: EDS059. Do it before Dec. 31 and get the perks from me with some free gear! Looking forward to adding this to my Ironman journey!

I truly have THE BEST “fans”!

23 Dec
Well… lets talk about this special package that arrived. I didn’t think anything of it, but my neighbor had text me that she picked up a package at our front door knowing we were out of town. What a nice gesture! When we got home, I kinda just put it to the side thinking it was another  Amazon gift being delivered or something of that sort.. though it didn’t say and I was confused, I thought I must have ordered something, or maybe Josh did. HOWEVER… I had this funny feeling and so I  opened it the next day. THANK GOODNESS I did. I was the coolest, and most thoughtful gift! It looked like a really cool shoe box of some sort, and when you opened the flap, the quote above showed and had this little note in an envelope (see above). I opened the rest of the box and it had all this cool stuff. Protein drink, protein snacks, a swim cap, ear plugs, a shoe holder, gels, snacks, you name it it fit! I was just awesome. I feel so lucky and so very blessed to have to friends, one all the way in France, and one down south in San Diego, that came together (guessing over email or FB) and thought this would be a nice thing.. and well.. after the shock of it… I took a bath and just cried. Its amazing what a small thing can do to make your mood change. It had been so stressful with a work project ending, and the holidays around the corner.. but knowing I have these 2 in my life makes everything ok. Thank you for being great people, amazing friends, and fabulous athletes! you motivate me more than you could imagine! Cheers to you and thank you again!

Its kinda like life…so I think

22 Dec
So, I recently took a mini vacation with my hubby and visited friends in Utah. I was sipping on some tea and reading this magazine while on the plane. I was getting very inspired by all the articles, races for 2015, and so on. But then I started reading different articles from other runners, from experts, and it just got me thinking…. this training is a lot like life. Its not about who you see at the finish line. (Because I do think about that all the time) but its about getting one foot in front of the other. I think about how I should use my parents disapproval as fuel for motivation in training, or knowing that I have friends at the finish. But its more than that.. Doing a workout when you don’t want to. Needing that extra oomph to get out the door. Life is like that. Its discipline, its one foot in front of the other, its practice, and patience. All this will make me a better person in the “real world”. Or so I hope.  (Don’t get me wrong.. my friends and family that do support are AMAZEBALLS) So as much motivation as I found during this read on the plane, and thinking about this… I hope I can give back to you… whoever it is reading this blog! LOL