1 Month Countdown

16 Oct

I am at a loss for words. 4 weeks from today, I will be in Tempe, Arizona picking up my number, bags, and race goodies for IronMan Arizona. This journey is still not over, and I have learned so much. It has been full of tears, sweat, smiles, anger, tiredness, and much more. This journey has not proven my strength physically, but mentally. I am not out there killing and crushing every workout with gnarly intensity, but I am the most consistent I have ever been. I prep myself each week for what is coming. I try and nourish my body properly. Get sleep. ANd conquer the day. It’s proven challenging at times. I woke up at 3:30am on a Tuesday a few weeks back so I could be on my trainer by 3:45am, so that I could make yoga at 5:45am, all so I could have family dinner after work. The things I thought I would never be able to do or get out of bed for, I have. Your mind just says “GO!” I would say a lot of it is out of fear. If I miss, will I get worse? Lose strength? It is such a big race, I would never get over getting DQ’d or missing a cut off time. I am so scared of that happening. So I am pushing thru these next 4 weeks. I have a few more big workouts. THAT IS IT! I promised myself I would have fun on race day. I will listen to my body and be thankful for the support I have going. #1419 is my number and I will wear it proud. Never in a million years would I have imagined this race, this journey, or the out pour of support. I have made new friends along the way and so thankful for that too. Still, the 2 biggest fans of all, Erin & Becca, to whom I owe a lot of my mental strength to. They have encouraged me from day one. Been the voices in my ear saying “you can”. I love you and thank you. To anyone who reads this… who thinks they would never do a triathlon, or a half marathon, or a 10K. You can. I love the quote, “the only difference between the impossible and the possible is your mind”. Believe me when you read that. It’s true. And to anyone who feels like they need a supporter.. I got your back. 4 weeks baby. #1419 is doing it! XOXOXO

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